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I’ll Remember … why I love The Vampire Diaries

The CW hit show returned on Thursday for its 6th season. Following on to last season cliffhanger that saw Damon and Bonnie seemingly swept into oblivion the first episode did not deliver much clues about what was to come for them, the content was indeed more profound.


I wasn’t really excited about The Vampire Diaries new season (and I used to be, like really!) . I didn’t really miss the series this summer. Yet, I watched the episode as soon as I could on Friday and I was not disappointed. All the Silas witchy-thing, the stuff about the other side and everything else had left me with a feeling of overflow. I was glad to see all of this somewhat pushed to the background to focus on something more profound.

To me The Vampire Diaries is not just about well, vampires. It is more than that. It is a story of friendship, love – both passionate and brotherly, family, coming-of-age and many other things. One of its other biggest theme is grief. It has been present from the very beginning of the show, sometimes it was latent, sometimes it was very much present. And Thursday episode was of the latter case and it brought back all the glory of the show.

You see, once again, The Vampire Diaries is not merely about vampire, werewolves and god knows what other fantasy character, in a sense it is one of the more humane show I ever got to watch. And I’ll Remember was one of the most humane episode of the series.

Seeing all the characters struggling with grief canceled any supernatural thing going on. Because vampire or not, other-side or not, who wouldn’t give everything to have just one more minute with a loved one? Who wouldn’t try anything to get back to what once was, to the place they used to live, for everything to go back to normal? Who wouldn’t feel terribly helpless if everything that made them had been robbed off them, what if their strength was simply gone and they did not know anymore what defined them? Who would not dive into seemingly pleasurable activities to drown out the sorrow and the suffering? Who wouldn’t start something new and try to find a new meaning, a new purpose? Who wouldn’t start afresh and try to build something new?

Who wouldn’t try to pretend that everything is right, everything is under control when everything is actually amiss?

But mostly, who has never thought about how his life would have been had he not met that person, the one that is now gone and that he so desperately miss? Who has never contemplated setting fire to memories to avoid the gnawing, unending pain of grief?

So yes, maybe lately I felt like the writers got everything wrong, but with I’ll remember they got it so damn right and this is why I’ll keep watching. Because, from time to timen everyone needs a reminder of what it means to be human and supernatural characters are what brings that to a whole new level (cf. Doctor Who)





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